conducts scientific research and high-tech developments in the field of natural and technical sciences, development and production of the AVRORA DIAMOND INSPECTOR (ADI) line of devices for identification and technological use of diamonds.

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Портативный прибор для идентификации алмазов/бриллиантов ADI-S2


Professional instrument for the analysis of luminescence plots with wide optical capabilities. The device is designed to study the luminescence plots of natural diamonds, polished diamonds, diamond plates, crystals of synthetic (CVD or HPHT), as well as imitators and precious minerals of all shapes and sizes (up to 25mm). To excite the photoluminescence of samples, three independent radiation sources are used in the device: 365, 254 and 225 nm, and the first two have adjustable intensity. The optical system of the device allows you to analyze both the entire sample as a whole and its individual areas in optical magnification. The device and software have implemented functionality for full-fledged operator work with scaling, positioning, exposure, colors and other features.

— Natural diamonds.
— Treated diamonds.
— Lab-grown diamonds (CVD, HPHT).
— Allows a detailed study of the luminescence pattern.
— Sizes of analyzed samples starting from 0.005 carats.
— It is possible to analyze the luminescence of other minerals.
— The luminescence pattern is displayed on the monitor screen.

Identification is performed by the operator on the monitor screen by analyzing fluorescence and phosphorescence patterns during excitation in the optical bands: LWUV, SWUV and EGUV.


Профессиональный прибор для идентификации алмазов/бриллиантов ADI V1
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